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Elastic Text for FCPX

ElasticText is a set of elastic styled text animations that are powered by a very unique drop-down option menu. Not only can you choose 7 different in and out animations, but you can choose the various directions for each animation and you can have a different in animation from your out animation.
Requirements: Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 or higher.

Price: $29

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Elastic Text Animations

ElasticText comes with 7 unique elastic/rubbery styled animations. Each animation type has several directions in which it enters and exits the screens. It’s also set up in a way that the in and out options coordinate with each other with natural feeling results. Not only that, but ElasticText is a single animation engine (rather than all separate animations for each style) so that you can have a different incoming animation from that of the outgoing animation. Simply select one “in” animation and select a different “out” animation for many possibilities.



Title Parameters

In the ElasticText parameters, simply select the title on-screen then click the “text” tab in the parameter window. From here you can change the text type, size, and face. Then top to the “title” tab and you can select the incoming and outgoing text animations as desired. Experiment with them and change them up. Then it has an X and Y adjustment so you can easily micro/adjust each position. It also comes with useful fade in and out settings that can be adjusted with sliders if you want a slight fade in or out in your title animations. Finally, you can opt to select the continuous Elastic Quiver animation to add even more life to your elastic text!



Creative Possibilites

One thing we love about ElasticText is that the corresponding in and out animations allow for some real creative title animating. For example, you can set the outgoing animation of your first title to “Fling” then set the incoming title animation of the next title to the same thing and the result is like pulling back a rubber band and letting it “fling”…then it comes zooming back onto the screen from the other direction. This is fun to create continuous looping animations when creating kinetic text type sequences.



Smooth or motion blur?

Something we love about fast flying animations is the natural motion blur effect. We have provided two choices when using ElasticText: “ElasticText Clean” and “ElasticText Motion Blur”. For those of you who like the clean look and for those who prefer the film-like motion blur. Please note: using the motion blur text engine is a bit more processor heavy and may take longer to render in your timeline.



Made for FCPX

ElasticText was created for FCPX and is found in the “Title” browser under “FilmCandyFX ElasticText”. Simply drag and drop one of the text engines onto your timeline, then edit your text, change the font, and begin choosing various animations from the drop down menus.